Intelligent houses for Intelligent people

A house is more than bricks and windows. Nowadays we want to make our own energy, automate our lightning and no longer sit in the dark when the lights in the streets are off

Infrastructure : To make a smart home a well thought infrastructure is needed. This means no longer the standard four on off switches but good foundation to support your electron systems. Grid monitoring and measuring. A capability of expanding your home without breaking open the walls. Protection against bad net conditions which damage your electronics. That’s were it all starts with.

Solar : Make your own electricity and heat with Solar energy. Solar boilers and photovoltaic panels can make your house energy neutral. No more use of gas and no more electricity bills.

Electricity Backup : The rain season is coming and who want to sit in the dark. A backup system integrated with your house electricity network saves you from the dark. This system switched automatic as soon as the electricity company stops giving electricity. A perfect solution for small offices and homes.

Automation : faucets/water taps and lightning can be automated. That’s now days possible with build in sensors on your kitchen and bathroom taps. Water automatic switches on and a off by moving your hand below the tap. light go on and off based on sensors.

Backup systems
Power outages

Electricity backup systems protect against electricity network failures. Is is for houses and small offices. A backup give your light in the house, Maintains your internet connection, allow you to watch television and more.

Home automation
Home automation

Home automation controls your lightning at home based on sensors and timers. Lights are switched on and off automatic when it gets dark, when you walk in to a room, when a timer says to switch on a light.

Solar Energy
Solar energy

Sunlight is money now days. Make your own electricity and save on electricity costs. With photovoltaic panels you can create as much as you like and don’t have to worry about the price of electricity.

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