Backup power wall for houses & offices


Fig 1: No more grid down


Wouldn’t it be nice to have 24×7 all day electricity independent of weather conditions, lightening, work by the Electricity company or grid problems.    With our backup systems we offer light in the house or office when your electricity company (CFE) can’t offer it. When your power company has problems to bring power to your house or office we can take it over.
We have developed a power backup up system which generates the electricity for you at times when no one else can. Our solution allows you to continue watching television, use your lights in the house and continues your internet connectivity. No more hustles with candles, flashlights, or small led bars. We give you light in the dark. That is why we say:

== Yes we can ==

What is an electricity backup power wall

Backup fron View

Fig 2: Backup power wall

A backup power wall generates for you 120Vac electricity from a large special battery and connects that to your house network as soon the CFE doesn’t generate it for you. In this way electricity is always available.

When the electricity returns back from the CFE the system recognizes this and reconnects the house to the CPE again. batteries will be automatic recharged for the next time the street is without light.

Most houses in Mexico use 127Vac to light your lamps, run your television and or computer. Our backup supports that.

For whom interesting

Backup Corner Right

Fig 3: Backup power wall

In all situations were a 24×7 demand for electricity exist this system is a solution. This means

  • If you hate to sit in the dark during the rain and thunderstorm season
  • When you have an office and you want to continue businesses 24×7 365 days a year.
  • Medical equipment which demand 24×7 electricity.
  • Dentist who need power treating the teeth of a patient
  • Shops which like to continue
  • Computer systems which require constant power.
  • Sensitive equipment in factories and laboratories.

What we offer

Backup Top Right

Fig 4: Backup power wall

We offer the following services

  • Standard backup system for 10hr backup time, this 7x13Watt Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) + Internet modem.
  • Installation and integration of the backup with the house electricity network.
  • Non standard backup solution for medical equipment and offices.
  • Demonstration of the solution, because seeing is believing.

User Manual

The backup is delivered with a user manual which explains in detail what the backup does, how to connect it and the meaning of switches and meters. Let us know if you extra info we can add it to the page. Use the “Leave a Reply” message below in the manual page in order to add the extra info to the user manual. The content of the manual is in short the following. You can access the manual form here User Manual
(The manual is under construction and not available at the moment.)

  • how to install in the house
  • how to use stand alone
  • How to operate
  • Use of the switches
  • Reading the power meters
  • Estimate the backup time
  • Other things to know


Electricity backup power wall characteristics
Component Charteristic value Unit
Elec. Backup Standard capacity 6..10 hr
Standar energy 1.24 Kwh
Switching time <16 ms
Max load 600 Watt
Recharge Time 24 hr
Inverter Wave form Pure sine wave
Artchitecture Offline
Power 1000 Watt
Voltage / frequency 120Vac / 60Hz Volt/Hz
Weight 3 Kg
Alarming Audio, LED
Fan control Intelligent
Battery Type Lead acid
Voltage 12 Volt
Capacity 115 Ahr
1.38 Kwh
Weight 29 Kg
Charger Stages Three stage
Stages CC, CV, Flt

Costs of the inverter

Service Price
1 Standard backup system $12500,-
2 Installation package / materials $ 550,-
3 Installation work $ 980,-
3 Non standard backup solution $ Quote,-
Prices are in Mexican pesos, ex IVA, Call for more information.


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