Smart Battery monitor

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E-Meter front face Fig 1 : The meter as it is.
E-Meter side face Fig 2 : The Shunt resistors.
The total package Fig 3 : Wiring schematic


Batteries are magic storage devices of electrical energy. To have and idea how well your battery is functioning requires monitoring. If you want to know the condition and health of your battery this meter is the solution.
With this smart battery monitor you have no more questions about whether or not your battery condition is ok or not ok. This meter is smart because it tells you all at ones four things for the price of one. This monitor tells you your battery:

  • Capacity (Wh).
  • Load (W).
  • Voltage (V).
  • Current (A).

Battery Shunt.

The meter works with a heavy-duty shunt resistor that can handle 100Amps. To monitor the battery voltage and current aswel as for battery charge and discharge a toggle switch is added for switching between battery charging and discharging.

What you get.

The whole package exits out of everything needed to install the monitor. The package exists out of the following components:

  • The battery monitor.
  • A User and installation manual including a schematic .
  • One 100Amp shunt
  • One six pole toggle switch

No extra materials are needed to install this monitor other than a screwdriver and some 18..22AWG gauge wire. Everything is packed in a strong carton box.

How to order.

This meter is available in limited volumes. You can order it by sending an email to: using your email program or else by activating this link “I’m interested in this battery monitor” and send a request with the message that you want to buy or or want to know more about this monitor.

Pricing and Services

The cost of the meter is as follows.

DC Battery monitor Services and Costs
Nr Services cost
1 Standard meter Package $850,-
3 Meter installation work $1200
2 Instrumentation Panel Engineering $ Quote
4 Battery Engineering $ Quote

Meter specifications

The meter has the following specifications

Meter Specifications
Group Characteristic value Unit
Device Type HMPM-051
Protectionc Class Indoor use
Electric DC Voltage 6.5 … 100 [Vdc]
Current 0 … 100 [Adc]
Frequency 0 [Hz]
Display Type LCD
Backlight Yes
Monitoring Voltage 6.5 … 100 [Vdc]
Current 0..100 [Adc]
Power 0 … 10000 W
Energy 0 … 9999 KWh
Network DC Voltage & DC Current Plus and minus
User interface Alarm Flashing display
Push button Reset energy value
Power supply Buildin / expernal Buildin
Table 2:2