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Smart electricity meter for Mexican homes

Check how much energy you use and what you pay for. Can be integrated in your house. Multi function power meter which indicates Voltage, Current, power and energy.

Smart E-Meter

Three phase electricity meter

Three phase 480V 100A power monitor for homes and industries.

Smart E-Meter

PLC with WiFi and RS485 interface

DIN rail multi purpose PLC which support many sensors. Programmable in C and C++, Runs on a battery and has a build in display with WiFi. This PLC makes your data accessible over distance.

Multi purpose PLC

Battery Monitor

Check how well your battery is doing. Don’t buy a new one if it is not necessary. Four value battery monitor, voltage, current, power, energy, for charging and discharging

Battery monitor

Backup power wall for homes & offices

No more blackouts. Fully 100% automated backup UPS system for houses 1KW/1KWh single phase 120Vac. Can be integrated in the electricity networks of homes and offices.

Home and office backup power wall

DIN rail multi energy meter AC

Single Phase Din rail meter for 260Vac / 100Aac with various function to be used in any din rail based installation. Measure Voltage, Current, Power, Energy, Power factor, and time period.

	Image of meter

Serial display with RS485 interface

Looking for a display 240×480 that fits your design? this what you are looking for. A display that adapts to your design,not the other way around. It’s serial programmable and has a RS485 interface.


Instrumentation panels

Holamex designs instrumentation panels for machines. We can do the metal frames, the printing and the electrical assembly. For questions contact us.


LCR + Diode Transistor and more Meter

Meter to measure various electronic components: LRC, Transistors, MOSFets, Diode, but also function as a 10-bit PWM generator and as a frequency tester


Gas tank volume meter

Meter to measure the amount of gas in your propane gastank. Meter has a bright OLED Display


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