Three phase Electricity monitor

front side of de meter
Fig 1: Three phase electricity monitor


Electricity meters exist in various types and sizes. This meter is a three phase meter intended to measure various electrical parameters on three phases simultaneous.

Meter specifications

back side of the meter
Fig 2: Back side of the meter


Type: Digital Ammeter
Model: ZM194-D9Y
Measuring range: 5A
Accuracy: 0.5
Power supply voltage: AC220V
Panel size: 96x96mm
Hole size: 92x92mm

Technical Parameters:

Measurement accuracy:
Current: class 0.5
Voltage: class 0.5
Active power: class 0.5
Reactive power: class 0.5
Power factor: class 0.5
Frequency: ±0.02Hz
Active energy: Class 0.5S / 0.2S
Reactive power: Class 1.0 / 2.0

Signal Input:

Wiring way: Three-phase four-wire or three-phase three-wire
Rated voltage: AC 57.7 V, AC 100 V, AC 220 V, AC 380 V
Rated current: AC 1A, AC 5A
Overload: Voltage: 1.2 times (Sustained); 2 times / 1s (Instantaneous) ; Current: 1.2 times (Sustained); 10 times / 5S (Instantaneous)
Power consumption: Voltage: <1VA (per phase); Current: <0.4VA (per phase)
Impedance: Voltage: 300KΩ
Impedance: Current: 20mΩ
Frequency: 45 ~ 65Hz

Auxiliary power:

Working range: AC / DC 80V ~ 270 V
Power consumption: <4VA

Function module:

Communication interface: Support 1 communications circuit RS-485 Modbus-RTU protocol, baud rate: 1200 ~ 9600bps, default: 2400bps
Input switching value: Support 4 value input switching loops, dry joint
Switching output value: Support 3 relay output loops, capacity: AC 250V / 5A, DC 30V / 5A
Transmission output: Support 1 loop analog output: 0/4 ~ 20mA or 0 ~ 5/10 V
Energy pulse output: Support 2 energy pulse output loops, constant: 8000imp/KWh(Kvarh)


Operating environment: -10 ° C ~ + 55 ° C
Storage environment: -25 ° C ~ + 70 ° C
Relative humidity: ≤93%, no corrosive gas place
Height above sea level; ≤2500m


Insulation Resistance: > 100MΩ
AC withstand voltage: AC 2KV

Electromagnetic Compatibility:

Electro-static discharge: Class 4
Electrical fast transient pulse train: Class 4
Surge (impact): Class 4

LED digital display, viewing angle, high brightness
Easy wiring, superior flame retardant properties, safety, environmental protection


Meter back side
Fig 3: Back side of the meter

Any one connected to the electricity grid who want to know more about their electricity consumption and quality of electricity. Industries who want to upgrade their product with extra information regarding electricity consumption.

  • Three phase Motors
  • Air Conditioning installations
  • factory plants
  • Hotels
  • Shops


Front side of de meterFig 4: Front side of de meter

We offer the following services

  • Sales of power meters
  • Installation and integration of power meters
  • Instrument panels for power meters
  • Software development for specific power meter functions.
  • Presentation and demonstration of digital meters in general


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