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This device protects your home against bad electricity which can damage your electronics at home. Bad net conditions like blackouts, under voltage, fast on/off switching occur through out the year but specially in the rain season. The net guard protects you from damage to computers audio video equipment, refrigerators, and create a stable reliable network for your Smart home. In combination with a backup it guaranties you 24×7, 365 days/year electricity.

Power outages

Electricity backup systems protect against electricity network failures. Is is for houses and small offices. A backup give your light in the house, Maintains your internet connection, allow you to watch television and more.

The system exists out of two components the net monitor a small computer and a contractor switch. This switch is activated when the monitor detect a bad net condition. Ones activated it dis-connects a house from the electricity grid in case of a blackout or other condition.
The net guard has many function which are enabled by the software that is running inside the device. On request this software can be adapted to the needs of de user. The net guard functionality is:

  • Single phase 100…250V
  • Measurements: Voltage (U) ,Current (I) ,power (P) ,Power Factor(PF) , Frequency(Hz), Total harmonic Distortion(THD)
  • Measurements: On customer specifications additional measurements can be implemented.
  • Alarm contacts: 1x 16Amp, 2x 2Amp
  • Display: LCD, 4x 20 characters.
  • DIN rail enclosure

Both controller and switch are installed in a central DIN rail based electricity power panel.
Price of the net guard is $155,-

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